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  • MSC Bikes, S.L. offers the following MSC Bikes bicycles and frames warranty:

FOR THREE YEARS with the opportunity to extend it to FOUR or FIVE years (3 / 3+1 / 3+2) OF WARRANTY. Take a look at terms “Warranty PLUS*4 & PLUS*5”.
From MSC Bikes, S.L. we offer this warranty for the models from 2015.

MSC Bikes, S.L. warranties the original owner that anyone of the frames and components of the bicycle have been produced free of factory defect and materials, with the exception of bearings and transmission elements, shocks, forks and brakes; as well as painting/anodising and stickers damages.  

All MSC Bikes components and accessories have a TWO (2) YEARS Warranty, with the exception of those perishables as bearings, screws, tires, tubes and tubeless sealing.
(All components without MSC Bikes brand must be covered by the original manufacturer warranty).

All double suspension bicycles have a limited warranty of TWO (2) YEARS for the swing arm, articulated rods and suspension elements, independently of the type of warranty which can be Normal Warranty (three years), PLUS4 (four years) or PLUS5 (five years).

Terms “Warranty PLUS*4 & PLUS*5”:
You will find a box when ordering where you will be able to choose one of the special warranty programmes PLUS*4 and PLUS*5. When selecting one of the two options, the price of the bicycle will increase automatically a 10% for each year of extension.

The present warranty does not cover:

  • An incorrect assembly. Frame kit purchase.
  • An incorrect or unsuitable maintenance.
  • The assembly of no compatible components or accessories or those that have not been designed for the use that the bicycle is destined.
  • Damages or breakings caused by accident, bad use, abuse, negligence or weight overloading.
  • The workshop expenses for the change of components.
  • Competition use.

Additional terms:

This warranty is only destined to the original owner of this new MSC Bikes bicycle or frame which has been acquired in an official MSC Bikes selling point or in our website platform. It will be valid as soon as the owner maintains the property of this bike or frame. This warranty is not transferable.  In order to make use of this warranty, the bicycle or frame must be presented to an official MSC Bikes selling point or to our offices in Spain, together with a receipt, invoice or another purchase sample that indentifies the bicycle or frame with the serial number.
The decision of covering the warranty of this bike or frame will always be exclusive of MSC Bikes, S.L. The original owner will have to pay all the expenses of dismantling and assembling related to the repairing and/or changing of all components.
This warranty does not include, in any case, neither transport expenses nor the shipment from and to the official MSC Bikes selling point or to our offices in Spain.
Aforesaid expenses, if they exist, will be at the expense of the original owner. This warranty is not applicable to the use corrosion, not indicated defects, efficiency absence or damages which are consequence of a bad use, negligence, inappropriate assembly, unsuitable maintenance, alteration, collision or breaking. This warranty will be cancelled if the bicycle or frame has been used in competition, in tricks competitions, slope riding, jumps, aggressive riding, riding in extreme terrains, extreme weather, commercial activities or similar activities. These uses and similar uses can damage the bicycle or frame and can cause serious personal damages or death, and in all these cases the warranty will be cancelled. Likewise, the warranty will be cancelled if there is any modification of the frame, fork or components.

The warranty is expressly limited to the reparation or replacement of a faulty component and it is the only solution. This is extended from the purchase date, it is applicable only to the original owner and it is not transferable. MSC Bikes, S.L. is not responsible of any collateral incidents or damages caused to third parts. Some countries do not allow the exclusion of collateral damages, so the above exclusion would not be applicable.

Any reclamation under the effects of the present warranty must be done by our web.