MSC Bikes ugrades MSC Trident spacers: welcome MSC Tetra!!!

Minimizing weight can become an obsession as every single detail influences the final weight of the bike.

MSC Bikes suggests new spacers for the ultralight headsets which will replace the old model MSC Trident, the new MSC Tetra.

In contrast to other spacers on the market, the MSC Tetra has four holding points attached to the fork, reducing material over the rest of the spacer between the points.p>


This way we achieve the lightest weight along with perfect functioning, without nor predetermined breaking points.


The MSC Trident version with three holding points will still be available in carbon fibre and the version MSC Tetra will be available in Aluminium 7075 anodized in five different colours: White, Chrom, Blue, Red and Gold.


MSC Trident Carbon     5mm     1.2gr/pc           6.00�(3 units) *Carbon

MSC Trident Carbon     10mm   2.5gr/pc           9.00�(3 units) *Carbon


MSC Trident Alu           5mm     1.7gr/pc           6.90�(5 units) Black colour

MSC Trident Alu           10mm   3.5gr/pc           9.20�(5 untis) Black colour


MSC Tetra Alu              5mm     1.7gr/pc           6.90�(5 units) White, Chrom, Blue, Red and Gold

MSC Tetra Alu              10mm   3.5gr/pc           9.20�(5 units) White, Chrom, Blue, Red and Gold