First shots of MSC260 prototype wheelset

It is still a prototype test version and some months after one of the lightest MTB disc wheelsets in the market was introduced (MSC300 with 1180gr the complete wheelet), MSC Bikes keeps investigating and improving the carbon fiber techniques.

MSC260 wheelset gets its name by the rims weight. For the first time in cycling history, MSC Bikes uses a robot, ROBOT MOLDING®, to distribute carbon layers around the mold automatically and 100% parallel, avoiding any defects on the rim profile.

At the same time, MSC Bikes is developing a new vacuum machine, VACUUM CHAMBER®, to compact fibers like nobody else has done before. All this, adding the MSC Bikes' INNER MOLD® exclusive technology and the polygonal inner profile of the rim, PIP® (Polygonal Inner Profile), that reduces spokes tension on the rim and allows to reach rim weights under 260gr.

Spokes are double heated titanium 2.3-2mm. That increases wheel rigidity and hubs are the famous MSC Ultralight, pimped with some extremely odd and exclusive titanium/ceramic bearings from Japan. Both elements will be tested deeply to confirm the reliability of their materials.

Finally, an extraordinary weight of 1056.5gr for the complete disc wheelset. The kg limit is aproaching.

There is no sales forecasted at this moment, as there are still many tests to do and modifications to apply in coming months. We will keep you informed.

26" MTB disc wheelset
9x100mm / 9x135mm
Front wheel weight: 475.5gr
Rear wheel weight: 581gr
Complete wheelset weight: 1056.5gr