New MSC Bikes wheelset range

MSC Bikes presents its new mtb wheelset Collection, from the lightest wheels to the strongest ones. MSC Bikes shows different models to reach all mtb disciplines. The wheelset range is composed by 7 different models:

MSC 300: The most exclusive and advanced wheelset, brought to you by MSC Bikes. The carbon rim is produced with MSC's exclusive mold, increasing wall thickness on each spoke hole with a poligonal inner profile. With this, MSC achieves a 100% carbon rim without any metallic shim to increase strength on the spokes area.

Spokes are in maximum quality in Swiss steel and 2-1.5-2mm diameter. Nipples are produced with Alu7075 T6 and MSC Ultralight hubs with 24 spokes and sealed bearings (9x100mm front/9x135mm rear).

Wheelset's weight without skewers is only 1180gr, one of the lightest mtb disc wheelsets in the market. Weight reduction on the wheels is vital according to increased cinetic forces applied when riding. A light wheelset will make you fly on your bike.

We must advise that this extremely light wheelset is not recommended for stunt riding or freeride and it has a limited rider's weight of 75kg. A great piece of art for those who look for an exclusive product and those who intend to improve their riding performance. The wheelset includes the MSC Ultralight skewers with carbon lever as well and a wheelset bag is also included.

Retail Price: 1,099.00 Euro

Weight: 1180Gr

MSC 315 ULTRALIGHT: One of the best weight/price balance in the market! The MSC 315 Scandium wheelset weights only 1230gr without skewers. Wheelset includes MSC Ultralight skewers in alu7075 T6 and only 39gr. MSC Bikes bets for a wheelset range with incredible weights at affordable prices. Rims are scandium aluminium and they are within the lightest rims in the market. The MSC 315 wheelset is also limited to riders under 75kg.

Technical features:

Rims: Scandium aluminium 315gr

Spokes: 24 spokes each wheel in Swiss steel 2-1.5-2mm

Nipples: Alu7075 T6

Hubs: MSC Ultralight disc hubs with 6 bolt IS mount and sealed bearings.

Retail Price: 799.00 Euro

Weight: 1230 Gr

MSC 395: Disc wheelset with welded rim. Sapim laser 2-1.5-2mm spokes with alu7075 T6 nipples and MSC Light hubs (24 spokes each wheel; 9x100mm front/9x135mm rear). The MSC 395 wheelset reaches a very competitive weight of 1476gr! Even lighter than most of the other Brands top range models!

Retail Price: 532.00 Euro

Weight: 1476 Gr

MSC 415: Disc wheelset with aluminium rim, Sapim laser 2-1.5-2mm spokes, aluminium nipples and MSC Light hubs (24 spokes; 9x100mm front/9x135 rear). MSC 415 weights only 1599gr.

Retail Price: 320.00 Euro

Weight: 1599 Gr

MSC 460: Disc wheelset with aluminium rim, 2-1.8-2mm spokes and 24 hole hubs (9x100mm front/9x135mm rear) for mixed use. A great balance between weight, quality and price. The wheelset weights only 1805gr.

Retail Price: 180.00 Euro

Weight: 1805 Gr

MSC 560: Freeride and enduro wheelset. Bombproof design with 2-1.8-2mm spokes, 32 hole hubs (20x110mm front/9x135mm rear). The MSC 560 weights 2190gr. The best option for freeride riding and downhill slopes in the bikeparks.

Retail Price: 224.00 Euro

Weight: 2190 Gr

MSC 590: The strongest wheels in our range. The rim is produced in aluminium with specifically designed section in order to keep a round tire surface and improve rolling resistance, and maybe the strongest design in the market. Spokes are 2-1.8-2mm and hubs are MSC Ultralight downhill specific with 32 holes (20x110mm front/12x150mm rear).

Weight in 1950gr is also very competitive. Few downhill wheelsets reach sub2kg weight with 150mm rear hub. World Cup proven with French Champion Mickael Pascal!

Retail Price: 400.00 Euro

Weight: 1950 Gr