MAXXIS TOMAHAWK: a polyvalent weapon

New MAXXIS Tomahawk:
a polyvalent weapon

MAXXIS begins the new year 2016 with a lot of surprises. One of them is the new TOMAHAWK, a versatile tire designed for all conditions. It's available for 26", 27.5" and 29" wheels and it has a width of 2.30
Highly recommended for All-Mountain and Enduro lovers, is designed as a fast-rolling, hard-cornering, all-terrain tool, the idea behind the Tomahawk is to cover as much riding variety as your trail bike can handle.
Just looking at the spec list, the details of the Tomahawk are pretty standard—spanning from 810 grams to 1,005 grams, it’s not the lightest or heaviest of tires. It’s offered in 26”, 27.5” and 29” inch versions, all at a middle-ground 2.3” width.

A closer look and the center lugs do have some bite, albeit low-profile. This is supposed to lend a fast rolling platform, but when turned over will transfer to an all-out grip fest.
In the end, the Tomahawk was for the most part exactly what Maxxis claims it is: a tire that rolls fast, pedals smoothly and performs well across a large variety of conditions. As long as conditions were dry, it was predictable and able to rip corners, rally technical roots and rocks, and generally get you smoothly down the mountain as long as it was dry.

Basic characteristics:
-Recomended for All-Mountain and Enduro
-Fast-rolling center
-Aggressive side lugs
-60 and 120 TPI
-EXO Protection available
-Tubeless Ready available
-Doubledown available
-Sizes: 26'', 27.5'' y 29'' 
-Width: 2.30
-Weight 26x2.30 60 TPI: 775 g
-Weight 26x2.30 120 TPI: 960 g
-Weight 27.5x2.30 60 TPI: 800 g
-Weight 27.5x2.30 120 TPI: 1.005 g
-Weight 29x2.30 60 TPI: 850 g
-Weight 29x2.30 120 TPI: 1.070 g