New MAXXIS Race TT: the Larsen TT's evolution

the Larsen TT's evolution

XC lovers are in luck, MAXXIS, the pioneer brand in Mountain Bike tires, presents the new MAXXIS RACE TT, a tire designed by MSC BIKES inspired by the legendary MAXXIS LARSEN. 

Due to the big demand, MAXXIS offers its new model in 27.5'' and 29'' sizes, and its geometry provides an excellent performance in front and rear wheels. 
The new RACE TT gets sipes on the transition knobs for better straight line traction. The side knobs’ sipe gets turned 90° for a better biting edge when cornering.

Central knobs have an inclined geometry, wich provides a quick tread. 

Thanks to all amount of central knobs, their smaller size and the reduced space between them, the tire has a greater contact surface.

This knobs distribution also increases the tire's resistance to punctures and cuts often caused by rocks.
Despite this, the space between knobs is wider than LARSEN, wich provides additional versatility to perform better in wet and muddy grounds.

As usual, MAXXIS has equipped this model with its successful EXO Protection System, a lightweight and highly resistant flexible fiber.

Furthermore, the Tubeless Ready system will provide you a lower rolling resistance and reduce the risk of puncture.
In conclusion, the MAXXIS RACE TT is positioned as one of the most versatile and balanced tires in XC grounds.
Basic features:

-90º side knobs
-Faster central knobs
-Low rolling resistance
-Light weight
-60 TPI
-Exo Protection
-Tubeless Ready
-Sizes: 27.5'' and 29''