msc Brake pads: the perfect balance between durability, efficiency and price

After numerous and sophisticated tests, MSC Bikes team has developed some brake pads that offers and excellent performance on long distances and downhill tracks.  
MSC semi-metallic brake pads have been made with a special compound based on a 60% organic and 40% synthetic, allowing a progressive and powerful braking at  the same time since first use. This compound involves multiple advantages:

-Does not cause any noise
-Minimize vibrations
-Resist high tempertaures and humidity
-Promotes less wear of the brake disc
-Provides greater stopping power
Also, they ensure a reliable and stable behavior in all kind of tracks and conditions at any season.

Actually, MSC brake pads are synonymous of durability, efficiency and competitive price.

The wide range of MSC brake pads have a weigh between 20 and 40 grams (depending on the model) and a price of 8€. More information on