customize your msc with your favorite colors

MSC launches a virtual service for customize their bikes with up to 939 colors

"A unique MSC bike for each person, with the possibility of combining any Pantone color", this is the concept that the brand wants to promote.
For just 199€, anyone who buys its MSC on will have the opportunity to customize his bike with his favourite colors (up to 939 different colors!) and see the final result at the moment.

The custom process is very simple: on BIKES section, you must choose the model you want (customizable bikes are signed with a special icon: a bike into a colored circle), click on "More information" and then on the "Customizable" icon.

Immediately appears the configurator, from wich one you can choose Color 1, Color 2 and Color 3 (depending on the model) and combine differnt colors fr
You can try as many combinations and colors as you want. Once you have finished to dessign your bike, wou can buy it and receive it at home, at MSC factory or at your local shop.