msc bikes 2015 - NEW PRODUCTS

After months of hard work, we are proud to introduce you the 2015 new products range. Bikes, parts, tires and suspension products will be introduced the next months as one of the best offers in the mountain biking sector.

MSC Bikes 2015
The 2015 bikes range has sufferd a deep renovation. Since the dawn of the 29" and 27,5" we have been progressively addapting ourselves to the new sizes. However, it's the 2015 range where we're absolutely focused on them and we've developed 3 brand new models aimed to different targets

The brand new Blast 29er will be the flagship next year and the model that introduces the "DO IT ALL" concept. The limitations of space and money forces us to choose 1 specific bike and sacrifice qualities that, in the future may limit our pleasure in our rides. With the Blast 29er that's over. A Carbon frame, 29", 140mm fork travel, 120mm rear travel and 11,5Kgs it offers all you will ever need. Climbs and trails like a hardtail, goes down like an enduro.

The new Mercury Evo range is born with the intention of offering all the MSC quality in an entry range. All in 27,5". Offering 2 frames - carbon and aluminium - and 3 equipment levels, everyone will surely find the model that fills all your needs (and pockets). The Mercury Evo Carbon will be the star, offering an access to high quality carbon under 1000€

Alongside the new models, the 29er carbon, the Blast, the Zion and the Tandem will strike back this 2015, hoping that some surprises during the year will make the 2015 range bigger.

MSC Parts 2015

The most noticeable news in the parts segment will be focused in the new FOSS tubes(, that we will distribute in Spain, France and Portugal and will be available in October, the new high quality XECCON lights range (, with spectacular models like the new Geinea I, offering an ultra-small and light design, offering 860 lumens in only 23 grams (without battery): AWESOME!

MSC will offer, too, a economic lights range with all the MSC quality and new aluminium high quality pumps.

Last but not least, the new 2015 wheel range will also experience a big renovation. The carbon comes back in 3 models (enduro and xc) and 3 new aluminium models.

Maxxis 2015
The best MTB tires keep also the pace up. This year Maxxis introduced two new tires: the Tread Lite and the Griffin. One roller and one descender. Maxxis also introduces the Chronicle and the Mammoth, two different fat bike tires. During the year, of course, new sizes and Tubeles versions of existing tires will become available.
Marzocchi 2015
Eurobike will be the start of the new 2015 range. We can't tell anything about the stuff Marzocchi has told us, but it will be the best suspension range from the italian brand in years!