Soon, you can buy your MSC only with a 'click'


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In MSC we like to sell bikes (honestly), but we also like to listen. Listen to consumers of our brand, all users who follow us on social networks, who ride their bike every Sunday or every day, all people who applaud, criticize and share experiences, cycling lovers in general ... and all they asked us one thing: to buy a MSC from their computer, tablet or smartphone. Comfortably, simply and with an attractive price.
In MSC we promote and defend local commerce: because of, the nearby treatment and the efficient care. So you'll have the opportunity to purchase, for the same price, your MSC bike online or in your store.
From the end of November, the MSC e-commerce channel will be available on
You can see all MSC bikes 2015 collection: features, specifications, geometry, technology, comparisons, images etc., and do it in a dynamic and intuitive interface
We trust and believe in the high quality of the materials we work with, so, we offer 3 years of warranty on our frames and bikes. For all those who prefer to extend the validity of the warranty, they can hire Plus4 and Plus5 service (4 and 5 years, respectively).

Once you've made the purchase, you will have three different ways to receive your order:

- In your home or address provided
- In the nearest store
- On MSC Bikes

Very soon you will have no excuse to make to enjoy your favourite sport. Click on choose ypur MSC bike at the best price and squeeze your desire of mountain bike, enduro, trail, xcountry, fatbike or tandem.