New range of Xeccon lights

In MSC Bikes we distribute Xeccon lights, designed specifically for cycling. It is a premium product known for its excellent quality of focus.
Sogn 700: this model is the most ambitious Xeccon light. You will enjoy up to 4000 lumens of power in its high intensity mode. This means that it will ensure 1 hour and 30 minutes of maximum brightness.
It consists of a double bulb which incorporates three separate LEDs, which will guarantee quick and safe descents in all circumstances. Furthermore, its innovative battery will let you carry a full load in only 4 hours.

Lumens: 4.000 / Run time: 1.5 to 9.5 h / Weight: 280 g / PVP: 250€
Spiker 1207: it is more powerful than Spiker 1206. An independent double bulb with a power of 2200 lumens will offer you a range of visibility of 200 meters, and best of all, it can allows you 4 hours of run time.
Also, this model includes a mount to fix your light to the handlebar quickly.

Lumens: 2.200 / Run time: 4 to 11.6 h / Weight: 125 g / PVP: 186€
Spiker 1206: is synonymous of autonomy. Its advanced battery will ensure 4 hours of full brightness and 10 hours of medium brightness, so it will be especially useful on long journeys.
It has a power of 1200 lumens and up to a distance of 200 meters of clear visibility even in situations of complete darkness.

Lumens: 1.200 / Run time: 4 to 9.9 h / Weight: 132 g / PVP: 117€
Geinea I Front: with one of the most compact and lightweight designs, Xeccon presents this versatile light of 850 lumens which can be easily mounted on your bike handlebar. Thanks to its 23 grams, you can easily attach it to your helmet with a Velcro strip.
In addition, Geinea I Front has an extensible switch that lets you using three different types of light: high intensity, low intensity and intermittent mode.

Lumens: 850 / Run time: 4 to 11 h / Weight: 23 g / PVP: 160€
Link Duo: this is a powerful 600 lumens lamp ideal for a softer light. It is effective and  offers a beam distance of 200 meters. Its magnetic USB connection lets you a full load in just 5 hours.

Lumens: 600 / Run time: 1.2 to 9.9 h /
Weight: 104 g / Remote battery: NO / PVP: 92€

Link: it only has 58 grams of weight and 300 lumens of power. Thanks to its Samsung - Lithium battery, with just a load of 5 hours you can make it through its convenient USB magnetic connection, you'll enjoy a range of more than 1 hour and 30 minutes of full brightness intensity.

Lumens: 300 / Run time: 1.7 to 18 h / Weight: 58 g /
Remote battery: NO / PVP: 66€