Patxi Cia wins the Diario de Navarra Open and matches Roberto Lezaun's "5-in-a-row" record

MSC Bikes rider has matched this weekend Roberto Lezaun's "5-in-a-row" record. Patxi Cia won the 21st edition of the Diario de Navarra Open after his second place in the muddy and slippery Luquin circuit.

Patxi commanded the races in the first 4 laps, but due to the track conditions he was forced to slow down of his 29er and achieving a 2nd position that allowed him to win the Open.

MSC Bikes rider matxed Roberto Lezaun's 5-in-a-row victories, confirming his amazing state of form and the awesome team built with the new 29er Carbon, as well as the Blast.

With one last race remaining, Patxi is matematically champion of the Open Diario de Navarra 2012 and with this victory closes an incredible year, winning the "Open de Euskadi Marathon", the "Campeonato de Euskadi de XC y MX" and the "Campeonato de Navarra de XC y carretera".