Patxi Cía and his Blast: Winners of the Navarra Championship 2012

MSC Bikes rider Patxi Cía won last weekend in Sanguesa his 8th Campeonato de Navarra. The rain that fell during the night left the dusty and dry track muddy and slippery.

At sunrise the rain was gone and the track began to dry. Patxi risked and mounted in his Blast the Maxxis Monorail tire for dry conditions and was a succés: he achieved a second place in the race that allowed him to win the Navarra Championship 2012.

The Blast keeps proving his potential in tough and twisty tracks of the championship. After the podium poker with the Blast, next race will be next sunday in Mendata (Bizkaia) where Patxi defends the leadership in the Open de Euskadi Maraton.