Patxi Cia (MSC Bikes Team) third podium in a row.

In Spain it's said that there isn't two without trhee, and yesterday in Legutio, in the third race of the Euskadi's Cup , the MSC Bikes biker was part, in the third place, of a class podium with Carlos Coloma from La Rioja and the ciclocrosman Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga. In a extremely muddy circuit due to rain, to survive was a challenge. Coloma ran away in the first turn, but followed closely by Larrinaga, CIA and Latasa. In the second lap would be more distant positions with Coloma first, Larrinaga second and the Cia-Latasa's duo trying to chase them. Patxi did the last two laps excellently even to reduce Larrinaga's advantage, although this wasn't enough to catch him. At the end, Coloma won, Javi second and Patxi third, already showing a clear upward progression.

The next MSC biker challenge will be next Sunday in the Caja Rural of Tafalla's Cup.