MSC ERGO Grips. 9gr of comfort and technology.

In December will be available the new MSC ERGO grips, EVA foam manufactured with extremely light weights.

However, MSC has paid much attention in the design of its new range of ultra-lightweight grips to improve comfort and physical capabilities of the pilot.

There will be two models, the MSC and MSC ULTRALIGHT ERGO II.

The first one, the MSC ERGO with 11 g, has a special anatomical shape that lifts the outer zone of the hand to align the wrist with the forearm and improve blood flow and increase the force can be exercised on the handlebars. At the same time, the central area is filled with a larger diameter to increase the contact area of the fist with the palm of the hand. This achieves an enveloping sensation of the hand around the grip that is difficult to describe.

After the first day of acclimatization, it is very hard to return to use a conventional grip.

Secondly, the model MSC ULTRALIGHT II with only 9gr, is a traditional choice for lovers of classic with constant perimeter, but with an extremely low weight.

MSC ERGO Grip 11gr PVP: 11.00€

MSC ULTRALIGHT II Grip 9gr PVP: 11.00€