MSC Bikes presents the new carbon fiber handlebar MSC Ultralight II.



X-country oriented and measures 580mm x Ø31.8mm, the new MSC Ultralight II has been designed and developed entirely by the MSC Bikes engineering team leaded by Ricard Bages and Marcel Gras at the head.

MSC has designed not only the mold, but it was a perfect test to validate the new knowledge in collaboration with the technology center AMADE.


We have worked hard for the new handlebar withstand torque from careless users and optimized the carbon fiber's laminate to achieve good absorption capacity and our 97gr record weight! Obviously exceeding all quality standards required by the EN Test.


Finally we can offer a lightweight handlebar very similar to others in its category with unreachable prices for most customers. In addition, a modern and functional design, being equipped with rumble strips in the central clamping area and in the ends for installation coupling with a lower torque required.


In MSC Bikes, we follow our exclusive Ultralight product line, increasing it and overcoming ourselves on each new product.

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