Presentation MSC Bikes 2012. MSC Blast and components.


The annual presentation 2012 of MSC Bikes took place at their premises in Gavà (Spain) in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where the participants had the opportunity to enjoy food and wine from the region.

All eyes where focused on the presentation of the new MSC Blast which was covered underneath a black sheet. Once the sheet was lifted, Ferran Marías (director of MSC Bikes) started to explain the technical features together with the two engineers (Ricard Bages and Marcel Gras) who took that project to its very accomplishment. In retrospective of former achievements and experiences, the development of the Blast was mainly influenced by an inicial idea which the brand materialized clearly in the new design of carbon bikes.

That change was possible due to the close collaboration with the local technical university of Girona (Centro Tecnológico de la Universidad de Girona) and the AMADE institute, which are experts in the developement and testing of compound materials, with a broad experience in the aeronautic and aerospace industry. 


"The MSC Blast is today our most complete bike ever designed. We combined all our knowledge in search for better  riding properties and speed. By defining and improving all technical aspects, we came up with the actual configuration", said Ferran.

The state of the art mountain bike with 120mm travel, stands out with technical features such as:

- Integrated front derailleur S3 in the same principal pivot. An achse of  Ø17mm which provides an impressive rigity while pedalling.

- Continuation of the "carboflex" system, that maintains a more reactive suspension without depriving the principal pivot.

- All integrated pivots in the frame are embedded in a press fit bearing shell to enhance rigity and better alignment.

- Postmount attachment of the brakes between chain and seat stay to direct the brake's forces towards the much stronger chain stay.

- Inner cables with the shortest distances and curves possible, including inner cable guides for a remote rear shock lock or adjustable seatpost.

It is foreseen to have the first units availalbe by November/December.

At the same time, there was a detailed description of new components such as a new range of outstanding integrated systems. One of them is the new line of wheelsets called "Transformer". 3 models (Light, Transformer and FR) which adapt to all kind of existing achses in the market by simply changing the outter bushing (QR, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm). A very handy and simple solution to nowadays many standards that exist in the market and became a serious handicap for users and shops.

Furthermore, MSC presented a new chainguide for x-country with a nice finish. A new ultralight seatpost binder with only 7.6 gr of weight, made of aluminum and enhanced resistance in comparision to the prior model.

Ergonomic grips with 11 gr of weight, pedals that weigh a little more than 200gr, and a new transport rack especially designed for any kind of bike with double suspension (including carbon frames) and  an integrated parallelogramm system never seen before.  



This is only a little introduction to what is about to emerge from MSC Bikes, the factory of dreams.


Link to download all technical information and photos: