3 Inches that make a difference.



MSC Bikes introduces their first bike with big wheels. We are presenting here an aluminum model with front suspension.

The 29er bikes offer an alternative to the conventional bikes with 26" wheels, with their advantages as well as disadvantages. There is a growing market with an increasing range of components for 29ers and in some countries  the sales numbers of 29ers have already passed the sales of 26" bikes. This is not a simple hype but a real alternative which has emerged to stay in our market. 

Among its virtues you will notice a better capability to roll over obstacles, a bike which has better proportion in larger sizes and a better grip due to the larger surface that touches the ground. 

Since the wheels are bigger in size, it is inevitable to change the geometry of the 29er in comparison to the geometry of a 26 inch bike. Though the hight of the bottom bracket to the ground remains the same, the length of the chain stay has to be longer. Therefore, there is a larger distance between axes, which improve the uphill capabilities but also make it somehow more clamsy in narrow turns. 

Despite of a shorter head tube, the hight of the handlebar in relation to the bottom bracket is bigger. For that reason we wanted to start with the bigger sizes.


Characteristics of the new WCR 29er

Its most outstanding characteristics are as follows:

  • Fabricated in aluminum 6061T6 with hydro formed tubes and different thicknesses. Reassuring the best compromise between weight and rigity with a very own personality.
  • Polished welding seam.
  • Powder-Coat-Painting. A kind of  painting that is applied in powder and treated with a special heating method to improve resistance and light weight.
  • Rear-Drop-Out. Which allows to modify the bike's geometry and mount a single speed.
  • Continuous cable housing of the derailleur cable to make it proof against mud.
  • "Direct Mount" on front derailleur.
  • "Post Mount" for disc brake.
  • Semi integrated head tube of 1-1/8".
  • Two years of developement and upto 3 different prototypes in order to achive the best characteristics in the final product.
  • Sizes L (18,5") and XL (21")


This model is available as complete bike without pedals.

There is also a 29er kit which converts your old 26" bike into a 29er. The kit consists of frame, fork, wheel set, head set and ultralight seat binder. 



Complete WCR 29er: Recommended retail price in Spain (2432€)

29er Kit, Frame+Fork+Wheel Set+Head Set+Seat Binder: Recommended retail price in Spain (1464€)

WCR 29er Frame: Recommended retail price in Spain (588€)

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