New msc Ultralight chainguide 155 Gr.

MSC Bikes has developed the lightest chainguide with chainrgin protector in the market (155gr). Best materials have been put together to reach the best weight/performance/strength ratio. Now, this piece of art is already available since April’11.



The chainguide has a central piece in red anodised aluminium CNC. This piece joins all the chainguide elements to frame with an ISCG05 mount and 3 titanium bolts. These bolts are conic head to avoid any collision with crank arms.

The chainring protector is produced with black policarbon materials and machined by CNC too. The finish is sublime and it also keeps the pulley on its place.

Upper guides are kept in place with a carbon plate that has been designed with an specific shape to keep rigidity and reduced weight. 100% handmade, this piece is stronger than a flat carbon leaf, due to its multiple angle shape.

The four side pannels are produced with carbon fiber layers with correct balance of carbon and resine.

The pulley used on this chainguide is our best seller “MSC Ultralight” pulley, maybe the lightest aluminium pulley in the market with only 5.5gr. The chainguide uses a 10 teeth version to reduce volumes.

All bolts are made of aluminium 7075T6 (best known as ERGAL) except from frame fixing bolts, which are made of Titanium gr5.


Tri-Fit System

In order to reach a precise pulley adjustment according to chainring size, the Tri-Fit System uses 3 holes for each chainring size (36, 38 and 40t) and a bigger hole for pulley alignment. Tri-Fit System has been designed by engineer Ricard Bagés, winner of Eurobike Award 2010 with the succesful Magik Stem.

The chainguide is designed for a chain line of 48,5mm with 68mm Bottombracket and 56mm with 83mm Bottombracket. It can be modified by installing regular washers between frame and chainguide for a perfect adjustment.


Weight and price

This piece of art is offered at a retail recommended price of 148€.

Its weight is only 155gr including frame fixing bolts.


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