The most comfortable saddles by MSC

MSC Bikes presents its new handmade saddles collection, high quality warranty. Three models that assume the perfect balance between comfort and the absortion-release dynamics. Finished in black mate, bright details and sweat repellent surface.

MSC Flow
Incorporates the innovative 3-Zone technology. Three areas distributed over the surface of the saddle that reduce impacts and help de cyclist to be more agreeable according to the inclination of his body.
3-Zone Technology
30º Sport Zone: front of the saddle adapted for the most pleasant aero position.
60º Soft Zone: central channel dedicated to absorb shock in the perineal area.
90º Hi-Density Pad: back zone of maximum density that completely neutralizes impacts on the ischetic bones.
Made of polyvinyl chloride. Its size is 260mm long, 140mm width and weighs 320 grams.
RRP: 27,00€

MSC Comfort
The ideal balance between ergonomics and comfort. The lines and size of the padded area have been adjusted to the millimeter to gain lightness but with the best support.
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • 275mm x 170mm
  • 382 grams
  • RRP: 16,00€

MSC Comfort Claudia
Maximum cosiness was the main concept adopted by the designers for this model. Its width and thickness of the inner foam offer a uniform and wide area of absorption and release of the impacts.
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • 250mm x 200mm
  • 404 grams
  • RRP: 17,00€