Kit ultralight, pimp your bike with light weight and colours.


MSC Bikes put together the best of his light components to customize your bike with only one kit. This way you can have all the pieces necessary to pimp your bike without needing to buy them separately.  

The kit allows you to lower the weight of your bike and personalize it in the color you like: red, black, blue and gold. The components come with a special case.

The kit includes the components as follows:


2x Ultralight skewers with titanium axle.

1x Ultralight seat binder. 34.9mm

2x Ultralight pulleys

Chainring bolts kit: 10 bolts and 5 nuts

2x Bottle cage bolts

2x Derailleur cable clamp bolts

1x Front derailleur clamp bolt

1x Ultralight head cap with bolt & star nut

2x FV valve caps