The new Maxxis Padrone UST is availalbe for road bikes. Maxxis latest technology sets a new benchmark and allows the tire to get inflated upto 8 bar.


Maxxis Padrone Tubeless for road bikes.


The Padrone is the most advanced tubeless tire in the market. Maxxis sets here a new benchmark by using the latest technology nowadays available, applying carbon fiber in the bead of the tire and allow inflation pressure upto 8 bar. The Padron was manufactured with a butyl layer which makes the tire 100% air proof and maintains, therefore, the air pressure during a longer periode of time than its competitors. The outer layer consists of a double compound surface which assures the tire to wear off in a correct and blalanced way without loosing its good characteristics thoughout its use. It maintains its low resistance and good grip in turns. Don't miss out on testing the Padron to feel its great quality and sensation it provides while riding. 

The Silkworm protection in combination with the super strong carbon fiber bead provides a better resistance against flat tires. The Maxxis Tubeless tecnology allows the Padron to adapt perfecty to the ground and, therefore, improve its performance while riding.

Tire: Foldable
Mesures: 700x23c
TPI: 120
Weight: 323 gr.
Compound: Double
Max PSI: 125
Retail Price: 139€


SILKWORM: Exclusive material which is incoperated in the layers of some models. It provides a higher resitance against flat tires and a prolonged durability of the product. The Silkworm is build up around the tire like an extra protection layer from bead to bead (Silkworm B2B).

BUTYL PLY: An additional layer of butyl around a downhill  tire provides an additional protection against massive impacts and flat tires.

CARBON BEAD: Flexible and highly resistant material around the bead to allow high inflate pressure on road tires.

DUAL COMPOUND: Double compound  which provides the outter layer of the tire with two different characteristics from bead to bead. The sides have a softer compound to assure a good grip in turns while the middle is harder in order to provide lower resistance and longer durability.