Breathable and resistant against Odour. This is Supplex!



Fabrics of Supplex® are:

Totally breathable 
Resistant against odour
Maintains its shape (does not shrink or wear off)
Dries quickly
Keeps its colours





Special Wave-Design with SUPPLEX®:

Evaporates the sweat during the exercise
Regulates the body temperature in cold coniditions


Focused on the harsh winter season, MSC Bikes offers within their clothing collection a range of under-shirts with an advanced fabric technology called Supplex.

These shirts keep you warm and dry as they are fabricated with the ideal material. Supplex offers a range of very good advantages to the sports person as it adapts perfectly to the body's shape due to its elastic texture.

The unique Wave-Design of the fabric allows the sweat to evaporate easy while it keeps the body temerature stable. There are tiny ventilation channels in the back part for better transpiration. The borders are very elastic for better comfort.

This clothing is addressed to people who spend many hours excersising. Providing a fabric which is most comfortable!

There are 3 different models available:

MSC Bikes Supplex Shirt with long sleeves. Price (in Spain): 52 €

MSC Bikes Supplex Shirt with short sleeves. Price (in Spain): 44 €

MSC Bikes Supplex Shirt without sleeves. Price (in Spain): 44 €

Sizes: S/M/L/XL

Colours: White or Black

MSC Bikes Supplex Sport Socks

Sizes (EURO): 35/38  39/42  43/46

Colour: Black/White

Price (in Spain): 8 €