MSC ERGO. The Quick Release Seat Post Clamp in detail.

Cierres Ergo   Cierres Ergo


The MSC ERGO was designed by the engineers of MSC Bikes with the goal to optimize the force transmitted to the seat post. An elaborated lever system which has the perfect length and angle in order to work with least pressure, multiplies the torque to the binder to operate as easy as possible. The ergonomic shaped lever is quickly accessible and opens with an easy push of your thumb. The edges of the lever are curved to avoid injuries.

Manufactured in aluminum 7075 T6 CNC mechanized and anodized in different colours. The screw is made of titanium Gr5.

The lever as well as the link were thoroughly studied to achieve maximum resistance and rigidity with the least weight possible.

The adjuster screw has a spherical shape in order to provide enough surface for an easy opening and closing. It can be manipulated manually due to its rough surface or with an Allen key.

The MSC ERGO quick release seat post clamp weights only 29 to 31gr, which makes it one of the lightest options with its characteristics.  

Diameters: 31.8 and 34.9mm

Weight: 29-31gr.

Retail Price (in Spain):24.00 €