New MSC SUNLIGHT bicycle lighting system

Winter time is approaching and MSC Bikes crew know about the limited daylight hours from now on. This is the reason why SUNLIGHT bicycle lighting system is here.

A 100% efficient system to ride on any trail or path at night, due to its 1400 lumen power with a very ligth weight. This is one of the most powerfull lights out there and probably the best quality/price balance in the market.

Sunlight uses three ultimate generation LED bulbs, which allows a great power within a compact and light frame. This is very resistant to vibrations as there is no filament inside that may burn, reaching an estimate lifetime around 50,000 hours.

The sytem is controlled by a remote button. This botton allows to control the light power with 4 mode. Less power for climbs and easy trails, and more power on the most technicals sections. The button is enlightened showing the battery lifetime according to 4 different colours.

Power is supplied by a ion-lithium battery protected inside a neoprene bag. The bag is attached to the frame with some velcro tie ropes for a fast assembling/disassembling.

In maximum power mode, the batery lifetime is longer than 2.5 hours.

As usual, MSC Bikes offers its technical service for any sort of help or question you may need.

Dimension: l:90mm x w:55mm x h:60mm

Weight: 520gr

Retail Price: 353.60€