The Spanish rider from the MSC Bikes Team, Carlos Coloma, accomplished a fantastic 6th position in the World Championship of MTB held in Mont Sainte Anne (Canada).

The Spanish rider from the MSC Bikes Team, Carlos Coloma, accomplished a fantastic 6th position in the World Championship of MTB held in Mont Sainte Anne (Canada). This way Coloma finishes a great season with the gold brooch in the highest category. ''This is unbelievable, I worked so hard during the last month and it all paid off. For me the 6th position is something that I hope is the beginning of a jump ahead in my career as professional MTB rider. At this moment I have my thoughts with my family, trainers, friends, my sponsors and all the people who supported me. All this wouldn't have been possible without them''.

The MSC BIKES rider had a difficult start due to a fall in the 1st km where he was in 32nd position. After the first round Coloma passed to position 16 with 1:05min after the leading group. From there on Coloma improved to the 6th position being only 20 seconds after Julien Absalon in 5th position, 40 seconds after Ninao Schurter in 4th position, 1min.and 33 seconds after the bronze medal winner Burry Stander, 2min. and 10 seconds after the silver medal winner Jaroslav Kulhavy and 2min. and 43 seconds after the actual World Champion.

1 4 ESP19780824 HERMIDA RAMOS José Antonio SPAIN 1:52:26

2 3 CZE19850108 KULHAVY Jaroslav CZECH REPUBLIC +00:29

3 5 RSA19870916 STANDER Burry SOUTH AFRICA +01:10

4 1 SUI19860513 SCHURTER Nino SWITZERLAND +02:03

5 2 FRA19800816 ABSALON Julien FRANCE +02:23

6 25 ESP19810928 COLOMA NICOLAS Carlos SPAIN +02:43

7 36 GBR19820412 KILLEEN Liam GREAT BRITAIN +02:51

8 14 CAN19770414 KABUSH Geoff CANADA +03:58

9 6 SUI19820218 VOGEL Florian SWITZERLAND +04:14

10 40 ESP19811218 ALVAREZ GUTIERREZ Ivan SPAIN +04:30

11 21 SUI19800510 NAEF Ralph SWITZERLAND

Carlos, are you coming from Canada with your best result in your professional career?

Yes, in the elite category this is my best result which I think comes in the best moment of my professional career. I know what I want and I am very motivated to progress.

Many people do not know what it means to finish 6th in a World Championship. What is behind that result?

There is a lot of work and efforts from my part and part of my sponsors, family members, friends, trainers.etc

Is there any particular strategy in your training or during the race?

Yes, the last couple of months were hard, 20 days in company of my wife, training in high levels, many hours and many series, many exercises in solitude.

What entered your thoughts when you passed the finish line?

Many things, first I wanted to thank all the people that believed in me and second, which is in my mind right now, Champery 2011. A World Championship which is very apt to my style of riding. Now I am very concentrated, motivated and very confident of where I can get.

And now is the time to enjoy the results.How do you evaluate this season?

As a very good one. In fact during the last 4 months here there have been great changes in my professional career, I have a new physical therapist and I know very clearly what I want.

The beginning of the year was very good but a little discreet but the second half of the year was the time when I had better results. Vice Champion of Spain, 9 World Cups of Champery and 6th in the World Championship; I am happy.