All started in 1999 in Barcelona (Spain) after various years in competitions, Luis M. Marias and Ferran Marias (father and son) decided to take charge in the fabrication of accessories for high end mountain bikes.

What started as a humble project with simple mechanized pieces converted into a broad range of components from the most economical to the most sophisticated and perfected accessories; among which you could find some of the lightest components on the market within their category. All this was done on the same condition: to bring light products with an accessible price to the users.

In 2003 the company initiated the first bike project with the Downhill model F1, which was constantly developed and gained the Spanish brand 4 world championship titles so far. MSC Bikes always stood out by its new innovations such as: Project X (the first bike with integrated transmission manufactured in serial production), Koncept Carbon (lightest full suspension bike on the market), Zion Carbon (lightest trail bike on the market) and a never ending range of unique accessories.

In 2007, MSC Bikes opened its first branch in Tainan (Taiwan), MSC ASIA, with their own factory for the manufacture of carbon fibers and a new laboratory and logistic department in order to develop new technologies in fiber composite.

Today MSC Bikes holds one of the biggest range of components and makes some of the most exclusive bikes the user can find on the market; but not only for its price but over all for its performance.

MSC Bikes: Factory of Dreams.